Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve heard about Mama Hogg’s. You’ve tasted Mama Hogg’s … now you just wanna know everything there is to know about Mama Hogg’s. Well, here you are!

Why do you not refrigerate?

Two reasons:
1) the second ingredient is Lime juice which lowers the PH to the point nothing will grow (like Ceviche).
2) we use Extra Virgin Olive oil from Italy as they regulate their oil industry and there are no inferior (filler oils) so Mama Hogg’s will solidify in the fridge.

Is there Curry in Mama Hogg’s?

No, there are no Curry ingredients in Mama Hogg’s. However, we think the combination of and lime, Parmesan Cheese and the Dry Mustard (used as a natural emulsifier so it doesn’t separate instantly), gives some people a Turmeric overtone.

Can I buy Mama Hogg’s in Alberta / the lower mainland?

The short answer is no. However, T-Bones in Drayton Valley does carry it. But, if you are interested in making Mama Hogg’s, we do have agreements available…. It’s not as hard as you think.

Do you ship to other areas?

Yes, email us your postal code/zip code we will give you a landed on your doorstep price and ship it to you.

I bought at the Farmers Market… Where do I get more now that I’m hooked?

Find a store close to you on our “where can I buy Mama Hogg’s” tab or we can also ship it to you anywhere in the world.

Is there bacon in this dressing?

No, contrary to the oxymoron label Mama Hogg’s is a Vegetarian product with NO anchovy or egg in it.

How long have you been making Mama Hogg’s?

We started in September of 1994. Read our story…

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